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Do I Need a Fire Extinguisher in My Home?

12/5/2022 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher Fire extinguishers are a great way to put out a fire.

Do I Need a Fire Extinguisher in My Home?

A fire can be a terrifying experience, and it's important to know how to extinguish one. Not only is it good for your safety, but it also helps prevent damage to property or even loss of life. While a lot of homes have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergencies, not everyone knows how they work or when they should be used. 

Determine the right fire extinguisher for the job.

The first step to fighting a fire is to determine what kind or types of extinguishers are needed. There are several different types, each rated based on the type and size of fire it can put out. For example, you may have a Class A extinguisher that is good for electrical fires and combustible liquids; this would work well on light grease fires as well. Class B extinguishers are ideal for flammable liquids like oil or paint thinner; these tend to be heavy-duty models designed specifically to handle highly flammable liquid fuels like gasoline or propane tanks. Class C models are made specifically for electrical fires such as those caused by overheated extension cords and other wiring malfunctions.

Don't be afraid to try.

That's right: you don't have to be a firefighter to use a fire extinguisher. It might seem intimidating at first, but if you follow the directions and use it correctly, it's pretty simple. In fact, they're so easy that they can be used by almost anyone who knows how to read and operate basic tools with their hands. 

You may have heard that fire extinguishers are scary, and that it is best to just stay away from them. But the truth of the matter is that fire extinguishers are a tool that everyone should have at home for emergencies! There is no need to be afraid of fire, and fire extinguishers are easy to use. Just remember three simple steps:

  • Make sure there's no one around who could get hurt 
  • Aim at the base of flames or where they're spreading fastest (like under a countertop).
  • Squeeze until you hear two clicks, then repeat as needed

Know how to use your extinguisher.

One way to tell if your fire extinguisher is working is by using a test strip. If the test strip turns blue, then it's working. But if you're not sure about how to use them and whether or not they're in good condition, consider contacting a professional for advice and assistance with your equipment.

Fire extinguishers are a great way to put out a fire in its early stages, but they should not be your only line of defense against the flames. If you find yourself in a fire emergency, always call 911! Take action now before it's too late.

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